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Connect with a philanthropic cause in Israel that you’re passionate about

Israel Legacy Central is building a new way to support Israel’s dynamic nonprofit sector through Legacy. Learn about our program and work and explore how you can make Israel part of your Legacy.

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Thousands of unique philanthropic causes call Israel home

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Israel’s nonprofit organizations are as varied as their dedicated supporters. From social services and small business financing to healthcare and education, each of Israel’s unique philanthropic causes play a vital role in supporting Israelis from all walks of life. Discover the people, organizations and stories that can only be found in Israel.

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We’re partnering with Israel based nonprofits to bring Legacy to Israel


Our Legacy development program provides philanthropic professionals in Israel with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to launch their organization’s Legacy program. Get to know our program and how it can benefit your Israel nonprofit.

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A Legacy story built on friendship

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The story of Belle and her friend, Professor Eliezer Jaffe

Legacy gifts are often the result of deep connections and shared values. This story begins in New York, where Belle had worked for Merchants Bank of New York before moving to Israel. She had known Professor Eliezer Jaffe, founder of the OGEN, for some time and contacted him with a request for assistance.

Happy to help, Eliezer recommended that Belle “do her homework” by reviewing information about various non-profit organizations, and he suggested that she access Giving Wisely.

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