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We aspire to build a thriving, sustainable future for Israel.


Our collaborative model brings Israel Legacy to supporters everywhere

Through our programming and partnerships with Israel nonprofits, we’re working to bring Israel Legacy to supporters everywhere.

Program development for Israel NGOs

Our Legacy Professional Development Program offers education, training, and support to philanthropic leaders and teams.

Connecting donors with Israel Causes

We connect donors with Israel philanthropic causes and champion our vision to realize a sustainable and thriving nonprofit sector.


Helping Israel nonprofits plan and launch their Legacy program


Israel Legacy Central works hand-in-hand with Israel nonprofits to help them incorporate Legacy into their long-term sustainability plans. Get to know our program and learn how your nonprofit can join our program.

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For many of us who are passionate about Israel, there comes a time when we commit to supporting a cause that we truly believe in. Israel Legacy offers us an opportunity to make a profound impact on Israel and its people, our one more child.

Carol Karsch



Get to know the people and stories that can only be found in Israel


Home to over 36,000 vibrant philanthropic causes, Israel’s nonprofit sector plays a vital role in the vitality of Israel’s society. Discover the innovative organizations that are making an impact both in Israel and beyond.

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