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Israel’s philanthropic causes are as diverse as their passionate supporters img

Israel's nonprofit sector is a driving force that helps power Israel's economy and society

With over 1 million employees and active volunteers, Israel’s nonprofit sector supports and sustains Israelis from all walks of life1. From social services and small business financing to education, agriculture, the arts, and healthcare, the impact of Israeli philanthropies touches the lives of millions each day.

The Israeli nonprofit sector is also active beyond Israel’s borders. Whether its flying patients into Israel for life-saving heart transplants or providing counseling kiosks outside of Ukraine, Israel is home to some of the most innovative nonprofits in the world.

Discover the unique people, organizations, and stories can only be found in Israel.



36,000 Thousand

registered nonprofits supporting Israel’s diverse population.

1 Million

employees and active volunteers working in Israel’s nonprofit sector.

Behind every cause in Israel are the people and stories that inspire

Krembo Wings

How One Person’s Experience
Turns Into a Youth Movement

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Engineers Without Borders causes

Innovation at work to support
Ukraine in a time of need

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Israel Guide Dog

Training man’s best friend with
Israel Guide Dog Center

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Nearly 1 in 5 Israelis works or volunteers in Israel's thriving nonprofit sector

Pay It Forward

When it comes to the gift of health, we all have an opportunity to pay it forward and provide the gift of health to someone else. This is the story of Matnat Chaim and the search to find kidney donor matches to help someone in need.

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